In this season, they head to Miami as they explore the night clubs there, while drama explodes in the house that will leave scars showing. What could they be? What could have happened to leave scarring? This season happened in a few months after season one had ended in 2010.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Wiki Going South 29 Jul. 2010
The cast sets up house in Miami, and Ronnie upsets Samantha by flirting with other girls in the club.
02 Wiki The Hangover 5 Aug. 2010
Sammi tries to figure out what Ronnie REALLY did at the club the night before, but no one is saying. And when Angelina interrupts Pauly's game, we see a whole new side of the usually calm Pauly D.
03 Wiki Creepin' 12 Aug. 2010
Angelina swallows her pride and apologizes to the girls. Back at the house, Mike, Vinny and Pauly have a close encounter with grenades in the hot tub, while Ron continues to creep behind Sammi's back.
04 Wiki Breaking Up 19 Aug. 2010
Sit down with your favorite housemates as they catch up on what's happened since season 5 and give us the scoop on what we can expect this season!
05 Wiki The Letter 26 Aug. 2010
Sammi finds Snooki and Jenni's "anonymous" letter, and this time it's really over with Ronnie -- at least for now. Meanwhile, Mike, Vinny and Pauly ("MVP") have their hands full juggling four girls in one night.
06 Wiki Not So Shore 2 Sep. 2010
The anonymous note causes tension between the girls, culminating in a full-blown cat-fight. After spending another night in bed with Vinny, Snooki reveals a not-so-little known fact about her pinkeye-prone cuddle-buddy.
07 Wiki Sleeping with the Enemy 9 Sep. 2010
The roommates deal with fallout from the girl-fight; Angelina starts dating Jose, a guy from the club; and Jenni and Snooki don homemade haz-mat suits to clean up the smush room in preparation for Snooki's hook-up.
08 Wiki All in the Family 16 Sep. 2010
When news gets out that Angelina and Vinny hooked up, Mike threatens to spill the beans to the Jose. Vinny's family comes to visit. And Vinny and Pauly find the girls of their dreams, but one of their hearts will be broken.
09 Wiki Dirty Pad 23 Sep. 2010
Things go south for Angelina when the house learns she slept with Jose after smushing Vin. Then she gets too close to a guy Snooki hooked up with. But it's the last straw when Mike discovers more unpleasantness in the bathroom.